The Team

Creative mind is the most precious gift the human beings are bestowed with.  To use this creativity for reaping an absolute harvest, it needs to be disciplined or rather channelized properly and that demands for outcome based metrics.

To expect this combo from an individual is strenuous or rather stressful.  That’s why a team of individuals with diversified background and potential is needed to produce an outcome based innovative solution for our precious clients.



Arun2Arun V Mathew, CEO, Gyalizo KE
Jack of a few trades and master of none.

Strength: Connecting potential, and building opportunities.

Meet the go-getter who is habituated to taking the road less traveled and leave a trail for others to follow. He is his own man, who ventures out and tries his luck when he sees an opportunity unperturbed by fear of failure. When monotony sets in, Arun changes an industry, not just his job. He is among the rare breed of professionals who had the audacity to try roles as diverse as Steward, Insurance agent, Merchandiser, Sales Leader heading Regions, Share trader, Portfolio Manager, to Mentor and Trainer.

You meet him once and he will become your lifetime buddy. Arun’s uncanny ability to strike a friendship and connect with people helps him explore possibilities and quickly learn about nuances of various industries. He brings forth his out-of-the-box thinking, lessons learnt from his failures and passion for empowering while imparting training to many individuals and corporate executives to enhance their leadership capabilities and performance quotient.

He possesses hands-on experience in Training, Consulting, Assessment Practice, Sales, Production, IT and Capital Market. Prior to Gyalizo, Arun was in the Founding Team of a startup company promoted by Mahindra & Mahindra and HDFC.



IndranilIndranil Saha
Ambitious yet no-nonsense bean counter.

Strength: Dissecting the chaff from the grain.

Indranil Saha, is an organizational builder who makes no noise about his outstanding business accomplishments. An alumnus of IIM-Indore, Indranil Saha has been serving as a member of multiple BoDs of several dynamic organizations lending strategic, financial, operational and marketing direction. In his illustrious career spanning 15 years, Indranil has helped many business units across geographies and industries achieve strong and sustained earnings successfully.

However, he never rests on his laurels. For him, when it is done there is no fun. New challenges excite him and give him the thrust to go that extra mile and make things happen. His entrepreneurial zeal, business acumen and strong founding in strategic thinking and finance help him understand the micro and macro implications and quickly develop a suitable business model for any business.




EswarlalEswarlal B Krishnamoorthy
Juggling with numbers is his passion and profession.

Strength: Converting hard-to-chew theories into a delicious learning palate.

While numbers can make many of us doze off, it continues to fascinate Eswarlal Krishnamurthy. This outstanding simplifier knows exactly how much you can chew and serves only that. He gained his financial wizardry through his MBA in Finance and M.Phil in Management.

After a successful corporate stint as a domain specialist at a senior level and as an aptitude trainer in the education sector, the mentor in him persuaded Eswarlal to take up the job of empowering people with sufficient financial knowledge. He has been helping several entrepreneurs understand the short term and long term financial implications of their actions.




JaggisirJagadish Prasad
Dreamer with a sequential thinking and a passionate heart.

Strength: Weaving the emotional flow of product design in a seamless manner.

To give vent to his creative instincts, this banking wizard with 20+ years of banking career has stepped into media field. Jagadish Prasad received a Diploma in Theatrics and Acting from the famed YGP Academy and participated in several stage dramas and also donned few roles in feature films.

After making several inroads in Tamil theatre and tinsel town, Jagadish propelled himself into the training field and continues to influence people as a trainer, consultant, and Instructional Designer both in Corporate and Educational Institutions.


shaijuShaiju Joseph
Searchlight mind and laser intelligence.

Strength: Strong people binder who can maintain calm in a storm.

Shaiju Joseph is a passionate individual who has the nerve to live his dream and follow his heart. After starting his career as a Civil Engineer, he ventured into ITES, and tried his hand at people management. While mastering allopathy medical jargons, Shaiju also picked up Siddha and Ayurvedic wisdom along the way. He maintains two exclusive blogs and shares his knowledge on the merits of using Ayurveda and Siddha streams of medicine.

His inquisitive and creative bent of mind allowed him to explore web designing and web development activities and soon found a place in Gyalizo KE as its IT Head.




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